There is No Middle Ground

Finding a quality Internet service these days is becoming progressively more difficult due to the fact that we have so few options available to most of us. I live in a state where there are only two sources of Internet – AT&T and Verizon Fiber Internet. It’s unfortunate that I cannot afford Verizon Fiber because it’s something that I have long wished for. It’s great that they actually came to this town, though, and I am definitely thankful that fiber has come to our area just because of how much it is going to be able to help the local businesses here.

Although I cannot deny that I have a certain problem with Verizon right now. It’s because of them that we are having to go through this Internet Fast Lane business. If they hadn’t forced the issue with Netflix we wouldn’t feel like the major ISPs are currently most of us hostage. I think that’s the feeling that many of are feeling – with so few ISPs in many areas across the country, it’s hard to find any reliable competition. It’s not a good feeling when you’re forced to choose one ISP due to the fact that they are only one available to you.

I wish that I didn’t have to depend on AT&T for my service. They’re not even that good. If Verizon’s Fiber was cheaper I would so be alla bout it. I’m kind of hoping that Google actually decides to come to this city because it would be nice to have another ISP available to us instead of just having these two choices – neither of which offer a kind of middle ground for us. It’s a decision for either a very terrible service or a great one that is way out of the price range.