The Hours Just Fly by

The problem I’ve found I have with doing a Desi rate is that I’ll hope on to look at some new photos of a cute guy and the next thing I know a couple of hours have just flown by. I guess that’s the thing with social media these days. You hear a lot of people complaining about how it’s a time sink and you don’t get anything out of it. I would agree with that. I’ve spent so much time on this social media site that they ought to put my picture up in the header and make me Desi’s patron saint!

I never get tired of spending time on this site. What with all the new pictures, the rating system, commenting and talking back and forth, and the large amount of videos, it’s a wonder I ever have time left over to spend looking at other sites. I think another large factor in my constant presence on the site is that the people who use it are just so cool. They’re friendly, too. Other social media sites are populated by a lot of unpleasant people who are only there to disrupt or call people names.

You get very little of that nonsense on the Desi site. Like I said, what you will see are very friendly people who are interested in what you have to say and curious about your interests and passions. And of course they want to rate your pictures, some of which I’ll admit can get a bit risque. But on the whole it’s a great site for meeting and dating people and just having a grand old time. I doubt I’ll ever use another social media site again seeing as how most of the people on Desi are just like me and have the same interests I do.