Started to Fix Up This House for the Boss

I have made this deal with my boss. It works out like this. For about three months I am going to have a free place to stay, but it is not exactly a luxury abode. At the moment it is a bit on the run down side. He and spent the day down in this place that sells stuff like tempered glass shower doors in Union county NJ and going around to that sort of place. We got the stuff to do a pantry and to built a kitchen island. In fact it is going to be really nice by the time I get done. At that point it is going to be a wedding gift I am pretty sure. They did not come out and tell me this, but the boss’ wife was involved and she is all about her little girl. Of course they sort of saved a fortune off this kid. They are rich obviously, but this girl is a genius who has worked her butt off. So she has been able to to go to really nice schools on a full academic scholarship.

In fact they want the girl to take over the business for them and no one at the shop would be upset if she did. There is not much doubt that she would be quite good at it and we are interested in having a stable ownership situation. I have know guys who build up successful businesses and then turned them over to children who have pretty much zero business ability. You can watch your job turn to dust in milliseconds if the wrong guy is behind the big desk. So we want the girl to be interested in taking over, since that is likely to be the best thing that could happen for us.