Just About Ready to Launch the Site

We have been working on this for around a month and three weeks, so we are happy to be done with the bulk of the job. We are just about ready to launch the web site, but there are a couple of things to do. We have to decide on a hosting plan for one thing and that is a big decision. We are looking at a place called Owncloud hosting right now and they seem to offer us what we need, but it is a complicated decision. To start with you are not going to need a lot of bandwidth, because it is going to take a bit of time to get the people on the site. At first they are not going to know that we exist, but if we do our marketing right the volume of eyes on the web page are going to increase. So you need a hosting plan that is going to be flexible. You do not want to get barely enough for right now and then start building up your business without getting more capacity on your web hosting plan. That would be disastrous, because you would quickly ruin your relationship with the customers. If they come to your site and it is too slow or not stable enough, then they are going to leave and they will not come back. When you are not established you have a difficult time convincing people that you are going to be able to do what you claim that you can do. So you have to do every little thing as well as you can. The big thing is too look and act as though you can be trusted with their personal information. Of course you do not handle that stuff yourself because you want to get a specialist.