I Did Not Need Professional Installation

I saw an advertisement on my TV about a home security company that would sell and install a security system for me. When I called to get more details, I told them I wanted to think it over before committing to anything. I was truly ready to do it until my neighbor told me that I would be spending way too much money if I let someone else do the installation. He told me that he got a Hikvision IP CCTV kit from an online company and did the installation himself for a lot less money than what this company wanted to charge me.

I thought that was fine and dandy for him because he has the kind of mind to know how to install something like that. I, on the other hand, do not. I can bake a great apple pie and create a dress out of a bolt of material, but I have no idea how to put in a security system. He told me that if I bought the system, he would install it for the whopping cost of one of my pies! He even helped me understand which systems would be good for my needs and which ones would not be practical.

I spent a couple of hours on that site, looking at the different pieces of security equipment. Though I did not know how to install one on my own, I understood enough about the different systems to know which one I was going to get. My neighbor was true to his word too, and he installed the system the same day it was delivered to my house. I thanked him with several pies over the next few weeks too. I really am glad he offered his help because the system is definitely what I wanted at a fraction of the cost.