Changing Energy Providers to Save Money

My sister moved to Texas nearly a year ago, and we have been having so much fun catching up with one another. She bought a house not far from me, so we are able to see each other several times a week. It helps that our children are around the same age and love living so much closer to one another too. When I was complaining to her about my energy rates increasing again, she sent me an email that simply said to click here in the body of it.

It took me to a website that had a lot of information about Just Energy. I had heard of them before, but I did not know that was who my sister had chose for her energy provider. This was actually the first time we had even discussed energy since she moved closer because it was just not a topic that gets brought up over coffee or a girls’ night out. Anyway, I started looking at the information that was on this site about her energy provider, and I was impressed with everything that I read. I was able to read about their history and involvement in the communities that they serve as well as their different rate packages on their energy plans.

I was really impressed that I would be saving even more than I had expected to from switching. It was not hard at all to switch over to them, and my rates have decreased enough to really make a difference in the course of a year. I like supporting them too, because they are involved in different things in the region. I know that part of that is just good business sense, but the people who work there also live here so it is more than just that. It is people giving back to the area they call home, and I can definitely support something like that.