I Did Not Need Professional Installation

I saw an advertisement on my TV about a home security company that would sell and install a security system for me. When I called to get more details, I told them I wanted to think it over before committing to anything. I was truly ready to do it until my neighbor told me that I would be spending way too much money if I let someone else do the installation. He told me that he got a Hikvision IP CCTV kit from an online company and did the installation himself for a lot less money than what this company wanted to charge me.

I thought that was fine and dandy for him because he has the kind of mind to know how to install something like that. I, on the other hand, do not. I can bake a great apple pie and create a dress out of a bolt of material, but I have no idea how to put in a security system. Continue reading I Did Not Need Professional Installation